“Cheung Lee” was Located in Hong Kong for 40 years since 1968. When it was first started up, it was an authorized printer of Trade Department - Import, Export Declaration Forms, the Custom Invoice of many countries, G.S.P.Form A, the forms of Company Registry. and provide printing services only. Over the years, “Cheung Lee” had since evolved into a company that provides designing, photography and printing services under one station.

The team at “Cheung Lee” are the perfect people to help you create a professional theme that ties together brochures, catalogues, name cards, letterhead, envelopes, booklets, folders, calendars, postcards, posters, vouchers, paper bags or your other communication needs.

We have a factory in Hong Kong and equipped with advanced printing presses, Using state-of-the-art solution and knowledgeable staffs and professional designers, which let us to control the quality in one-stop from artwork design to final production. Most of our products are recognized as Hong Kong made fine quality products with guaranteed fast delivery. We do not only selling our home made products to the markets, we also welcome OEM print jobs from customers, please contact us for more details. We strive to incorporate every customer's ideas into our printing process and achieve optimum results at a competitive cost.

Our Mission – “Cheung Lee” wants to be your only choice of printing partner.

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“祥利”自1968年起扎根香港40年。由當初只提供印刷服務的小型工廠,及成為貿易處之特准承印商,提供出入口報關表格、多國之海關發票、特惠稅FORM A及公司註冊處表格。時至今日,已發展成為提供一站式設計、攝影和印刷服務的工廠。

“祥利”團隊是您的理想合作伙伴, 誠意為閣下共同創建一個專業的產品範疇: 小冊子,目錄,名片,信紙,信封、傳單、文件夾、年曆、明信片、海報、單據、文件袋或您的其他合作需要。

在香港自置廠房, 工廠配備先進的印刷機,訓練有素的人員和專業設計師,讓我們可以”一站式”由設計到生產過程中得以控製品質量。我們的產品多數香港製造,品質有保證,交貨快捷準確。我們不僅銷售自製產品的市場,我們歡迎客人可自來圖案設計(OEM客戶),請與我們聯繫了解更多詳情。

我們的使命 – “祥利”成為你唯一選擇的印刷合作夥伴。
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